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Apple Unveils Additional Headstrap for Vision Pro

New Choices for Comfort

has introduced a second headstrap option for its upcoming , dubbed the ‘'. This new addition presents a contrast to the previously showcased ‘Solo Knit Band', offering users a choice for their preferred fit.

Traditional Design Meets Modern

The Dual Loop takes on a more conventional VR headset design, featuring a top strap for added stability. The design includes a slimmer rear strap that sits lower on the back of the head, swapping out the tightening dial for a simple velcro fastening method.

Customizable Fit for Enhanced Experience

Apple's new strap aims to provide flexibility, confirming that the Dual Loop will be included with the Vision Pro upon purchase. This move ensures that users have two distinct styles to choose from for optimal comfort and support.

Responding to User Feedback?

While it's not specified whether the Dual Loop's introduction was a premeditated decision or a response to user input, it appears to address concerns about the Vision Pro's weight and the need for a top strap to distribute it more evenly.

Mark Your Calendars

Alongside the announcement of the new headstrap, Apple has also locked in the release and pre-order dates for the Vision Pro, signaling the tech giant's readiness to launch its latest innovation.

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