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Renowned VR Studio Announces Staff Layoffs Amid Industry Shifts

Job Cuts at

In a recent development that has rippled through the industry, Archiact, a prominent studio, has revealed plans to reduce its workforce. While the exact number of employees impacted remains undisclosed, the layoff appears to be significant, touching various departments within the company.

Support for Affected Employees

Archiact has expressed that the decision to let go of staff members was a difficult one. The company is actively seeking ways to assist those affected in finding new opportunities and easing the hardship of this transition. A range of positions are being eliminated, indicating a broad restructuring effort that spans from creative roles like animation and game design to technical and support positions such as engineering and IT.

Archiact's Legacy in

Since its inception in 2013, the Vancouver-based Archiact has made a name for itself in the virtual reality space. The studio boasts a portfolio of high-profile VR titles, including the VR adaptation of the classic shooter DOOM 3 and original creations like Journey to Foundation and Freediver Triton Down. Archiact has also ventured into with the release of Marvel Dimension of Heroes on the Lenovo Mirage headset.

A Major Player in VR Development

Archiact has positioned itself as a leader in the independent VR development scene, with a large team and offices in both Vancouver and Toronto. Despite the staff reductions, the studio has a history of significant contributions to the industry and a reputation for innovation and quality in its projects.

The industry and Archiact's supporters will be closely watching to see how the studio navigates this challenging period and what future developments will emerge from one of VR's most influential .

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