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Swinging for a Cause: Ready Player Golf’s Virtual Reality Charity Event

Swinging for a Cause: Ready Player Golfs Virtual Reality Charity Event

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Virtual Golf, Real Impact

Ready Player Golf is teeing off its fourth annual charity event on December 1, this time in the virtual greens of ENGAGE and Walkabout Mini Golf. Eager participants can now register for the event, with proceeds aimed at supporting the Big Dreams Virtual Tour under the “ Against Childhood Cancer” initiative by the Children's Cancer Research Fund.

A Visionary Concept

The innovative event was conceived during the pandemic by Richard Ward, a venture altruist with a passion for utilizing () for philanthropic purposes. Ward collaborated with Ben Erwin and Sophia Moshasha, experts in immersive , to co-found the initiative. Although Ward has since stepped back, Erwin and Moshasha continue to drive the project forward, ensuring its ongoing success.

From Competition to Charity

The inaugural event partnered with ENGAGE and Topgolf's Pro Putt, creating a friendly golf outing rather than a competitive tournament. The first beneficiary was Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, offering a communal and immersive experience for those isolated by the pandemic to contribute to a noble cause.

Expanding Horizons

Following its initial success, Ready Player Golf has continued to evolve, adding social clubhouses and supporting various charities like the XR Safety Initiative and James Orrigo's Big Dreams Virtual Tour, which utilizes to provide therapeutic experiences for children battling cancer.

Accessible Fun for a Good Cause

With inclusivity in mind, the 2023 event has moved to Mighty Coconut's Walkabout Mini Golf, featuring 8 unique 18-hole courses and other engaging features. The event will again support the Big Dreams Virtual Tour, contributing to the fight against childhood cancer.

Uniting Gamers and Philanthropists

Creators Against Childhood Cancer, a part of the Children's Cancer Research Fund, brings together content creators and streamers for fundraising live streams. The Big Dreams Virtual Tour, a key element of this effort, empowers children to leave a creative legacy through various digital mediums.

ENGAGE and Walkabout: A Perfect Pair

ENGAGE offers a virtual clubhouse where participants can meet before hitting the links in Walkabout Mini Golf. This social component is a growing trend in , providing a virtual space for interaction and camaraderie akin to traditional .

Walkabout Mini Golf: A VR Sensation

Since its 2020 release, Walkabout Mini Golf has become a fan favorite, boasting full crossplay, multilingual support, and a plethora of customization options. It's the top-rated multiplayer game on Quest and Steam VR, promising a fantastic experience for the upcoming charity event.

Join the Fun and Make a Difference

Ready Player Golf 4 tickets are available for $100, with additional donation options to further support the Big Dreams Virtual Tour. Enthusiasts can connect with fellow golfers via the Ready Player Golf Discord server and attend sessions to familiarize themselves with ENGAGE and Walkabout before the main event.

Quest 3 Owners, Take Note

Those with the newly released Meta Quest 3 will find the Ready Player Golf event an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills with the new headset. Mark your calendars for December 1 and join a virtual gathering that promises fun and philanthropy all in one swing.

Note: The event date has been updated to December 1 from the originally scheduled November 10, due to a delay.

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