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Virtual Reality Golf Event Tees Off for Charity

Virtual Reality Golf Event Tees Off for Charity

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Swing for a Cause

Ready Player Golf, the trailblazing charity golf outing, is gearing up for its fourth annual event on December 1. This year's virtual links will be set in ENGAGE and Walkabout Mini Golf, with proceeds driving support to the Big Dreams Virtual Tour, an initiative under “ Against Childhood Cancer” by the Children's Cancer Research Fund.

Origins of a Virtual Vision

The concept of Ready Player Golf was born during the pandemic when venture altruist Richard Ward envisioned using for philanthropy. He teamed up with Ben Erwin and Sophia Moshasha, experts in immersive , to co-found the initiative. Although Ward has stepped back, Erwin and Moshasha continue to champion the event's success.

A Friendly Competition

The event's focus is camaraderie over competition, a friendly “outing” rather than a cutthroat tournament. The inaugural year saw a partnership with ENGAGE and Topgolf's Pro Putt, providing a successful golf experience and a chance for isolated individuals to connect for a good cause.

Beneficiaries of the Virtual Green

Previous outings have supported organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières and the XR Safety Initiative. Last year, and continuing into this year, proceeds aid James Orrigo's Big Dreams Virtual Tour, helping children with cancer find joy and socialization through VR.

Accessible to All

With inclusivity in mind, the 2023 outing has moved to Walkabout Mini Golf. This VR game boasts 8 unique courses, night mode, and more, ensuring a fun and accessible experience for participants.

Empowering Children in Their Fight

The Children's Cancer Research Fund, along with its community of creators, streamers, and partners like musician James Orrigo, empowers children battling cancer to create and preserve their legacy through creative outlets in VR.

Pre-Event Socializing in the Virtual Clubhouse

ENGAGE, with its clubhouse setup, offers a space for golfers to mingle before hitting the virtual mini-golf courses. This social aspect mirrors the traditional experience and is becoming a staple in new VR games.

Walkabout Mini Golf: A VR Sensation

Since its 2020 release, Walkabout Mini Golf has become a favorite in the VR community, offering crossplay, language options, and customizable avatars. It's ranked as the best-rated multiplayer game on Quest and Steam VR, making it the perfect venue for the upcoming charity event.

Join the Fun and Make a Difference

Tickets for the Ready Player Golf 4 event are $100, and additional donations are welcome. The event also features a Discord server for enthusiasts to connect and two introductory sessions for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the platforms.

Quest 3 Owners, Take Note

New Meta Quest 3 owners have a unique opportunity to test their VR golfing skills while supporting a noble cause. Note that the event date has changed to December 1, accommodating more players to join the charitable cause.

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